Stained Glass Supplies


Gold Finepen Liquid Gold $4.95

gold pen, stained glass supplies

Gold Finepen Liquid Gold

Inland Grinder Bit 3/4" Diamond

Inland 3/4" diamond grinder bit. Standard for normal grinding.

Diamond Grinding Bit 3/4"

Mosaic Nippers $19.95

Mosiac knipper, mosiac cutters.

Quickly nip glass and ceramic tiles into shapes. Tungsten carbide nippers stay sharp.

Nick's Grinder's Mate $18.95

Nick's Grinder's Mate

This robust tool will transform grinding into an enjoyable task - you'll love shaping your glass pieces to a perfect fit.

Pro Glass Mosaic Cutters $19.95

Pro Glass Mosaic Cutters $19.95

Mosaic wheeled glass nippers.

Straight Pencil Cutter Toyo $28.00

oil cutter, pencil oil cutter, toyo cutter

Straight Pencil Cutter Toyo

Toyo Pistol Cutter $34.95

toyo pistol cutter, stained glass cutters.

Toyo Pistol Cutter $34.95

Toyo Replacement cutter head $18.00

toyo replacement head cutter

Toyo Replacement cutter head

Wizling Grinder $119.00

Inland Grinders, wiz grinder, wizling grinder.

Wizling Grinder

Weller 100 $69.95

weller 100 solder iron, stained glass supplies.

Weller 100 Professional Stained Glass Iron

60/40 solder one pound $20.00

stained glass supplies, solder, 60/40 solder canfield, canfield solder.

60/40 solder one pound

50/50 Solder $18.00

50/50 Solder

7/32 foil copper/copper $6.95

stained glass supplies, copper foil, 7/32 foil

7/32 foil copper/copper

Safety Goggles $2.50

safety glasses

Safety Goggles to protect your eyes