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Kiln Repair

Bring in your glass kiln or kiln computer to be repaired. Here at Rainbow Glass not only do we build custom kilns but we can repair most types of kilns.


Here at Rainbow Glass we have restored church windows and antique stained glass windows all across California and Nevada. These windows were built in 1905 and we cleaned, put new putty in them and replaced worn out lead and any broken pieces. In some cases we had to use the ancient techniques of glass painting to restore these windows to their original beauty.

Stained Glass Repair

Grandmas favorite lamp got knocked over?  A ball went through your stained glass window? Here at Rainbow Glass we specialize in repairing all types of stained glass so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come. You can bring it here to us or if you need to we can come and take it out for you if it is a large window. You can bring it in for a free estimate or email us pictures and sizes at philglass@aol.com . 

Bent Panel Repair

We are one of the few shops that still do bent panel repairs. This is a multi step process that includes casting a duplicate piece then creating a custom mold of the glass piece and finally slumping the piece in the mold to create the replacement piece. 

Repairs & Restorations

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